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Correct Your Posture/Fix Your Neck and Shoulders

  • 83Steps


If you are constantly in a forward slouching posture and you get sore/stiff in the neck, shoulder or upper spine area, this program is for you. In this program, you will learn how to use, strengthen and stretch all the muscles needed to correctly align your spine and correct the root cause of almost all shoulder issues/pain. Note: The only equipment required is a light looped resistance band OR a physio band. I have set this program to be able to go at your own pace. It does not expire or have set dates/guidelines to have to finish by. So that means, if you need to spend a little more time on week 1 or week 2 to feel more control over your movements or if certain exercises really make you feel good or unlocks some mobility in you more than others, you can spend a little bit more time on those days/weeks/exercises.

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