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Find Your Meaning

Everyone has a different meaning of the word “Fitness”. That is because people define it using their reason as to why they exercise. Whether it is for mental health reasons, performance driven or simply to improve the quality of life, movement through exercise is a necessity in today’s world and each of our definitions evolve as we grow. I love to help people find, redefine or execute their meaning of fitness to ensure they stay on track and achieve continuous success



Making a Positive Impact

I got into fitness as a way to battle through depression and improve my own mental health. I began my career as a CanfitPro certified personal trainer in 2015 with a narrow vision of what fitness was, but over the course of my career, I’ve had the pleasure and unique experience to work with and learn from other fitness professionals from all forms of fitness. I’ve worked with sports teams, world class power lifters, national bodybuilders, cross fitters, physio therapists, RMT’s, etc. I’ve constantly been changing and redefining my personal and professional goals as I get older. But what remains the same, is I love helping people discover a lifestyle that is fun and sustainable. Exploring new things together and changing someone’s life in a positive way is my biggest reward and takeaway from my career.


Online Programming


I offer different variations of programming online. I have preset programs for mobility in all joints to improve your life AND maximize your results, different levels of core strengthening, AND I provide personalized programs for people based on what their goals are. Check out the programs page and/or book a consultation!

In Person Training


I offer in person training in multiple ways. I coach classes at Ultimate Fitness in both Renfrew and Arnprior locations. I teach HIIT classes and a Mobility/Stretch class at Union108 Yoga Studio in Arnprior. And I also train at my own home and can also visit you in your home. I sell packages and single sessions for all  of the above on my plans and pricing page!

Online Classes


I provide online classes on zoom through my website. With a monthly subscription, you will have all inclusive access to all the classes I provide. Check out my Online Classes and Video Library to subscribe!



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